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Zut, mon humour / Morarescu – Obst

november 21st two parts: studio from 15hrs, puncture from 19hrs…


Mssrs Morarescu and Obst will be holding a two-part public photographic studio-session at the
Buktapaktop performance venue in Brussels during Saturday the 21st of November 2015.

“Zut, mon Humour”

having lost my sense of humor, thought it might be found ‘round academia…

From 3 o’clock in the afternoon they will be taking photographic portraits of visitors -From 7 o’clock in the evening they will present their work and the findings in relation to the project and offer the opportunity for the public participants to intervene,in an attempt to regain a lost sense of humor as part of a small research session in advance of a visit to the symposium ‘Photography Performing Humor’ at LUCA  which has been postponed… so joke’s on us.


jaarlijks verlof – vacances annuelles

postcard 05


postcard 03


postcard 02
groeten uit Buktapaktop
ik geniet verder van mijn vacances annuelles

postcard 01
Chères amies,
je suis arrivé à Buktapaktop.
Vandaag ben ik in de gietende regen in Buktapaktop aangekomen.
L´accueil était bien et je me suis mis aussitôt à travailler.




Na mijn jaarlijks verlof van 2013 in CosmosCosmos door te hebben gebracht

bent U dit jaar weer van harte welkom tijdens mijn jaarlijks verlof in Buktapaktop.
Simonisstraat 20, 1050 Brussel
4-5-6-7-en 8 juni van 15uur tot 18uur

Après avoir passé mes vacances annuelles à CosmosCosmos en 2013

Vous êtes les bienvenues pour me rejoindre le temps de mes vacances annuelles 2014 au Buktapaktop, Rue Simonis 20, 1050 Bruxelles,
le 4-5-6-7 et 8 juin de 15h à 18h

see you there