Camadrie Sept

fin d’Été

Having dozed off in the summer sunshine, only a few chairs had been modified, refurbished, renovated and stabilized during the break… Most members were gone anyway, now that travel was again possible after a long period of lockdown restrictions and the like…

Even so, a few chairs have been somewhat cleaned up and made stable enough for use – for another season anyway… the question is whether a more sympathetic restauration is in order or just a flashy repaint-job… one of the things to be discussed during the September Camadrie….

repro of chair made by JL for the gelateria del Anno (Aix-en-Chapelle 1991)

In the meantime there had been some further modificatiosn – chairs refurbished and reproductions made (see above and below)

already on public view at P
as also aforementioned

and a sorry attempt at a BL, which turned out to be not

failed attempt
aborted BL…